Welcome to my website! This website was set up to host my many creative outlets--fine art, calling cards, and decoupage trays.  Each serves a different purpose and the joy and satisfaction I have from doing all three is beyond words!

I have painted and loved art longer than I can remember. There are too many ways in which I want to express myself!

All stationery designs are hand painted and unique. Every card is cut by hand and is of premium-quality card-stock paper. Each piece of stationery is an original piece of art hand made by the artist.
I feel as though my designs have grown in sophistication and uniqueness. 

Keep checking back; as an artist I am never fully complete with my body of work.  There is always something new to create, and I welcome new ideas and requests!

Come see Ginny at the Trinity Art Show in Atlanta on February 9th! And she would love to see you come visit her as she shows her art at the Art on the West Side  art show in Nashville on April 18th and 19th!

If you have questions about your order, want to customize it or wish to speak to me, please call me at 615-828-8627.  You can also email me at ginnyelder1@aol.com.

All customized orders for calling cards will charge a $10.00 sitting fee.